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Post-Colonialism to Justify Queerness: A Refutation

Postcolonialism refers to the political or cultural condition of a former colony. Concerning queer discourses, this narrative specifically means that before the formation of a colony, the communities were sexually diverse or that even gender binaries didn’t exist. It was the colonialists that imposed these “binaries” onto the otherwise “diverse” communities with wide acceptance among the people. However, as we shall see, this narrative, at best, is historically inaccurate and superimposes the western conception of gender and sexuality to understand the behaviors of communities before they were colonized. An important factor that will be highlighted is the probably purposeful abandonment of religion in the analysis of these supposedly “diverse communities”.   To understand this conundrum, we shall look at an example of this narrative in use. The following is an excerpt from a paper written by a queer-identifying individual. He writes:   In pre-colonial South Asia, the Khawaja S

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